What is teambuilding?

Teambuilding covers a great many aspects. "Teambuilding is the process of improving collective performance."
Teambuilding is not a one-off event, it is a process, a way of working that points everyone in the same direction.

What is the benefit of teambuilding for your company/organization?

Due to increasing pressures of i.e. competition and reorganization, companies and organizations are experiencing that teambuilding is an essential component when dealing with these pressures by bringing individuals together.

The strength of a team goes hand in hand with these basic principles:

• Cooperation
• Commitment
• Communication
• Networking
• Change management
• Conflict management

What do you wish to accomplish through teambuilding?

The most common response is getting to know one another in a relaxed environment
If that is the case all of our "outdoor" activities are available.

If you wish to emphasize the basic principles of cooperation, commitment, communication, networking, change management and conflict management then the following concepts are highly suitable:
• Outdoor experience
• Team trophy
• Operation fortress of Stabroek
• Paintball
• Battlefield live
• Highland games
• Robinson games
• GPS orientation
• Discover the fortified belt

These concepts can be customized to your specifications.


What is an incentive?

An incentive if a management tool that can be used to stimulate employees to reach a goal, hire new employees and gain clients.
People are incentivized when they are made to feel appreciated and when you wish to do something special for them.

Wat is het nut van een incentive?

An incentive has a measurable result. The objectives of hiring employees, limiting absenteeism and reducing costs are certainly measurable.


• An event for employees who have reached a goal
• A company jubilee, a company family day, Sinterklaas celebration
• The launch of a product or a media campaign
• Job-hunt organization
• Open house, customer day, customer loyalty programs, infotainment

You can choose between our existing activities or programs such as:

• Bugxters
• Slotcar racing
• Laser clay shooting
• Shoot
• Citygames

Don't hesitate to contact us in order to customize incentives.