Explosive chickens

Explosive chickens is a funny teambuilding game that for a change will not be played in the city centre but rather on a gaming terrain approximately the size of a football (soccer) field.

In this game the group will be divided into hunters and farmers that have to destroy evil virtual chickens. The chickens will be laying eggs on a continuous basis so new chickens will constantly be appearing. Each of these chickens carries explosives that will go off after 15 minutes. If the place explodes the game will end. It is now up to the hunters and farmers to work together in order to eradicate all the chickens before the clocks ends. In order to reach this goal the participants will need to be able to put aside their personal pride and place the interests of the group at the forefront. Explosive chickens was put together in a joint effort with the faculty of psychology of the Universiteit van Gent (University of Gent) and is an excellent way to improve the group dynamic.

This game contains a number of fun animations and sounds that are sure to enrich the experience.