Discover the Fortification Belt


Discover the fortification belt is a platform for the visitor of the fortification belt of Antwerp.
Starting from a website displaying the forts and sconces and eventually other military relicts the visitor can view the necessary information regarding a fort, its surroundings and faculties by clicking on a fort on the map.
The entirety gains a broader dimension by the use of a GPS device that can works with GPS coordinates as well as an online system to function as a guide in an individual fort, a route planner along the forts or bunkers or even as a game.
It certainly adds to the experience of a visit to be able to receive information by way of text, pictures, an old map or a video or audio fragment, all possibly integrated into a game.
Unique to this concept is that visitors are able to choose a profile (historic or tourist-recreational for example) for the same location or route so that the information received can be catered to the individual users by the GPS device. This way the same route can tell a different story for adults and children.
You can discover the fortification belt by foot, bicycle, car, bus or even old military vehicles. A number of activities can be provided during the visit.

The target audience of this concept :

- Tourists visiting Antwerp : just like the ModeMuseum (the "FashionMuseum) a visit to a number of Antwerp's forts can be promoted as a tourist attraction.
- Schools : for schools the concept 'discover the fortification belt' will be interesting because a historic visit to Antwerp's fortification belt aided by use of a GPS device that provides additional information accompanied by audio and video fragments - which may be integrated into a game - will certainly lie within the environment of the students.
- Family outing : through the choice of a profile, the same location or route can be suitable for both adults and children.
- Company events: 'discover the fortification belt' has worked out a number of team building games wherein - besides the use of the GPS device (potentially online making the game more dynamic) - a number of activities are integrated.
- "Outdoor gamers" : Inspired by the atmosphere of the fortification belt a number of GPS outdoor games were developed, where a number of games are offered in all forts and surroundings - STRATEGO LIVE - and a number of games are location-bound ( based on historic events ) - OPERATION HOLLANDSTELLUNG on top of and around the fort of Stabroek



Fortress of Stabroek
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