Paintball, lasertag, muurklimmen, survival, highland games & natuurlijk een uitstekende service!



The price is €20pp.

Combination offer
Archery + Carbine shooting (price €35pp)
Archery + Fencing (price €50pp)
Program 'shoot' (price €55pp)


What is carbine shooting

Following an initiation period by the supervisor a competition will be held in different categories between individual contestants or between teams.

Carbine shooting is absolutely not dangerous when the safety regulations and instructions of the supervisor are followed.

We offer 3 categories within carbine shooting:...

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Paintball is an adventurous game that can be played indoors as well as outdoors where 2 teams compete against each other.

Cooperation and strategy are essential.

Contestants receive the following equipment: a semi-automatic marker, 100 paintballs, a mask and a camouflage overall.

You can choose between...

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€30/day €25/day period

Laser clay shooting is the environmentally friendly variant of clay shooting with deactivated guns that fire an infrared beam at a clay pigeon launched by an automatic launching system.

Laser clay...

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€225/hour, €150/ extra hour (minimum 2 hour game, irrespective of the number of players)

The Stafort laser game is an adventurous game played by 2 teams.
Cooperation and strategy are essential elements of the game.
The laser game can be played outdoors as well as indoors.

It is a realistic high tech game in which the contestants utilize guns with semi-automatic firing capabilities as well as the ability to launch grenades.

These guns with Tasco® visors...

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€30/1 hour, €50/2 hour, €75/6 hour

What is Anschutz Biathlon Laser Tag

Anschutz developed a biathlon simulator that utilizes laser technology that is 100% safe and can be used anywhere, including limited spaces such as a fair booth.
A biathlon simulator set is comprised of a gun and 5 targets. When hit the target lights up green.


Summer biathlon
During a summer...

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300€ for 3 hours of biathlon laser tag (instructor included), 1 hour extra: 125€

What is laser tag
Laser tag is an electronic shooting sport and game simulator, which offers a safe and realistic gaming experience for everyone.

Playing the game
The system contains 15 games, playable by 1-4 contestants.
A competition between players or teams is possible.


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300€ for 2 hours of gaming (instructor included), 1 hour extra: 125€ , on location: 150€ extra